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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story  "The Red Headed League"

This story was first published in the Strand magazine in England in August 1891. It was later published in the first collection of Sherlock Holmes stories entitled "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" in 1892.

To listen to "The Red Headed League" starring Carlton Hobbs as Sherlock Holmes and Norman Shelley as Dr Watson click on the listen now button. To download an mp3 file of the story click the download button.

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The Strand story was illustrated by the following Walter Paget pictures.

sherlock holmes

Mr Jabez Wilson.

sherlock holmes

Dr Watson reading the strange
 newspaper advertisement to
Sherlock  Holmes.

sherlock holmes

Jabez Wilson's assistant, John Clay
alias Vincent Spaulding, reading
the advertisement to him.

sherlock holmes

Duncan Ross with John Clay, greeting Jabez Wilson at the office of the Red Headed League.

sherlock holmes

Jabez Wilson finding the League

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes working on
 a "three pipe problem."

sherlock holmes

Holmes and Watson visiting John
Clay at Jabez Wilson's shop.
Holmes wanted to see "the knees
 of his trousers."

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes "enwrapped in
the  music at St James's Hall."
sherlock holmes

Mr Merryweather of the City and Suburban Bank. With Peter Jones
of Scotland Yard and Holmes and Watson.

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes grabs John
 Clay in the bank vault.



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