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The following links all lead to sites where thousands of books can be read online or downloaded for free.

Project Gutenberg      1,000's of free books available  in the  Project  Gutenberg  online book catalogue.      Free online literature.

Celt:University College, Cork      Online Irish literature
Shakespeare       Complete works of Shakespeare online.       Harvard classics and other free texts.
Great Books Index      English language translations  of  greek  and  latin  classic authors.
The Labyrinth      English literature in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
Virginia Text Center     British and American fiction and children's literature.
Read Easily Online       Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and other writers in easy to read html for visually impaired and older readers.

Internet Public Library          The Internet Public Library with links to a large number of online texts.
Penn University Online Books  1000's of english language online books.
Baldwin Project    Children's books online.
Arthurs Classic Novels   3500 classic books available online.
byGosh   Novels, short stories and children's classics.
Classic Reader        Read more than 3000 short stories online.
Litrix             Online horror, mystery, science fiction and other stories.
English Server      Online novels and short stories.        Books by Lewis Carroll, Bronte Sisters, Mark Twain  and others online.
Gaslight      Read ghost stories online.                    
F Scott Fitzgerald      Works of F Scott Fitzgerald

For free Sherlock Holmes audio stories in mp3 format use the links below.
sherlock holmes

"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"

"The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes"

 "The Return of Sherlock Holmes"

"His Last Bow"

"The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes"

"The Hound of the Baskervilles"

"A Study in Scarlet"

"Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"