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Kid's Book Reviews Sherlock Holmes' London

london of sherlock holmes

The Bank of England and Threadneedle Street

If you are travelling to London on holiday or business and are a fan of Sherlock Holmes try to find time to visit some of the places mentioned in the stories.

Luckily for us a book illustrated with photographs, entitled "The Queens London," was published by Cassell and Company in 1897 to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. It gives a contemporary view of many London landmarks as they appeared at the time Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, were solving their cases.

Although some of the buildings have gone many can still be seen today.

The Bank of England
The Dancing Men Elsie Cubitt had  £1000 in Bank of England notes in her handbag.
The Three Garridebs Killer Evans claimed that a Prescott counterfeit note was so well made that no one could tell it from a Bank of England bank note.
The Man With the Twisted Lip The Bank of England faces Threadneedle Street which is the road going into the distance in the photograph. Hugh Boone had his begging pitch a little way down Threadneedle Street.
What is it like today? The Bank of England building in the photograph has been demolished and replaced. There are some victorian, or victorian style buildings in the area so a visitor can still get some impression of the city in victorian times.